Selection Criteria

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The call for candidates is open to all entrepreneurs working in the cultural and creative industries that meet the following criteria:

  • Is a for-profit company or non-profit organization incorporated under provincial or federal law
  • For-profit companies incorporated within the past 1 to 5 years
  • Non-profit organizations that can demonstrate an innovative proposal that would allow the organization to grow
  • Possess a tangible and viable Proof of Concept (POC) that has been proven and has had traction with at least one significant client
  • Has the capability to test the proof of concept in the proposed experimental spaces provided
  • Has the capacity to deliver a final product or service if the partners are interested in further development
  • Possess the full rights to use intellectual property related to the POC
  • Engages its decision-making team in the participation of the related activities between October 2019 and February 2020.


In completing and submitting its candidacy, the company or organization accepts to divulge confidential information about itself and its project. La Piscine engages to respect and maintain all information confidential and will only share this information with program partners exclusively for the use in selecting program candidates. The candidates selected will maintain the full ownership of the intellectual property associated with their proposals at all times. If selected for the program, this intellectual property includes any improvements, developments or enhancements realized during the program including the test of the Proof of Concept in the experimental spaces put at their disposal.

If the tests are deemed successful and relevant by the partners, they could potentially make an investment for the development of the project. A separate partnership agreement would then be discussed between the partners and the company or organization.


The selection of candidates will be made on the following criteria:

  • The proposition responds to one or more of the challenges

  • The POC can be easily tested and experimented with and in a safe way in the experimental spaces.

  • The innovative character of the proposition in relation to the opportunities delineated by Radio-Canada

  • The ethics of the company or organization in the production and deployment of its Proof of Concept
  • The realistic nature of the proposition and the credibility of the of the team to experiment rapidly
  • A clear opportunity to consolidate the growth of the company or non-profit organization (organizational or business development)

  • Capacity of the team to engage in the experimentation of its Proof of Concept for the full duration of the program


When we think of creative and cultural entrepreneurs today, we can imagine a young private company in the throes of developing an innovative creative digital platform or a non-profit performing arts organization attempting to transcend the usual way of doing business to augment its financial independence and elevate it artist impact. In either case, when we speak to the coaching of these two types of profiles in their growth phase, we are confronted with two very different realities!

This is why, in seeking entrepreneurs who are ready for growth and capable of meeting the challenges presented in le Petit Bassin program, we have focused on one key selection criterion: having a Proof of Concept in hand that can allow the organization to scale quickly. In starting with this criterion, we have defined a number of profiles that could reflect the diversity of talents and proposals from entrepreneurs, each one having its own distinct qualities and merits.

The program is therefore open to the following:

  • For-profit creative or cultural companies in existence between 1 – 5 years and who have validated traction for their Proof of Concept.

  • Non-profit organizations without limit as to existence but that can demonstrate an innovative product or service that will allow for the growth of the organization.